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Hello I am Ratthi KV, an engineer without a choice.. did a masters and doubled it just to be sure that engineering was not an one of mistake but there is a pattern to it😜.. A miniaturist, fascinated by the idea of creating a magic world of plants on teeny weeny pots.
Love to take the road.. trek…Capture snow flakes in the tip of a brush.. I freeze life in a frame aka photography.. Being a nature lover with gypsy soul I have spent good amount of time traveling and living in variety of places. Moving around enabled me to meet new people and places and I love it. End of the day home is where heart is, mine is among the stars across the universe.

One memorable summer, me and my band played catchy tunes that not only quenched our souls but also kindled the want for more. My passionate search landed me here to entertain you all with good music and information. Tune in to my show to listen to stories from America to Aminjakarai. Rj’ng is my passion but sambar and filter coffee are a closed second. lets get together to connect about anything fun under the sun!

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